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Naam Lonnie Davis
Datum 04-11-2012 13:20:20

Another great site to learn, enjoy and share the passion of owning the iconic 928.

Naam Ron Borras
Datum 01-09-2012 01:35:59

Hi. Great site! I am on rennlist and pelican forums as: Airtekhvac

I have a 1978 that I am rescuing from the grave. she is in terrible condition, but she is special, as she is not only my first 928, but one of the oldest production 928's still amongst the living. She is #30. Follow my adventures on either site!

Naam Wybe De Vries
Datum 16-08-2012 12:58:40

Great Site, loved your pictures. Currently own a 1978 928, driven every weekend

Naam John Mancini
Datum 08-06-2012 16:38:54

Great bSit. Love you guys. Keep up the great work

Naam Joel Brandon
Datum 12-04-2012 05:04:27

1987 S4 Red Auto

Naam Adam Harris
Datum 04-04-2012 21:09:16

Dank u wel. Great website.
Proud owner of late '91 Strosek S4
Keep up the good work.

Naam Brian
Datum 02-04-2012 04:13:58

Always a pleasure visiting 928 web sites. Good site. Thanks.
My '82 928 has been great fun to drive on the track, at car shows, or even in traffic.

Naam Gary
Datum 15-03-2012 21:54:15

1986 928s driven daily. Love the shark!

Naam Sue
Datum 12-02-2012 08:44:42

1980 928 euro version with an LS1

Naam Ali Momenzadeh
Datum 15-01-2012 15:46:49

Have wanted a 928 since I was 14. Thanks for the information.

Naam Leslie Pillay
Datum 01-08-2011 19:27:40

Just saw a 928 spyder on web...awesome.
1983 S2 4.7l Shark, 19 inch Rims,Manual,RHD,
A real head this car.
Hi to all... from Sunny South Africa - East coast KZN. 2011/08/01

Naam Reggie huffman
Datum 06-06-2011 16:07:58

Have found my dream car, 82 928 looking forward to the fun and thrills of what ive always wanted. Flags uap to all 928 owners.

Naam Alan Drehmel
Datum 28-01-2011 23:28:33

bought an 86 928S with only 85K miles on it about a month ago. Love it!

Naam Tino Barrial
Datum 30-12-2010 22:34:06

Own a Black 1984 928 project with potential?

Naam Jon Rupert
Datum 29-12-2010 05:37:07

I have an all original white '79 928, childhood dream car.

Naam Andy Newton
Datum 28-09-2010 02:15:50

1987 Black S4 126K kms
Just got it - nostalgia (father had one in '84)

Naam Tom Miller
Datum 02-09-2010 18:22:19

1984 928. BLACK/BLACK

Naam lummy fothy
Datum 23-08-2010 23:17:55

hi all

Naam Scott Rhodes
Datum 02-06-2010 07:22:39

Tan on Black 86.5 s
Black on Black 84 s
Thanks for the great site!

Naam Tony Lane
Datum 12-01-2009 14:03:26

Great Page, Recently bought an 86 928s, my first. Addicted already and its been in the shop more than at my house. A lot of work to be done but I am looking forward to running it when I finish the work. I may have gotten in over my head but like anything else that makes it twice as fun.

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